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These are general rules that Bernard Woods operates under.

1. ALL drawings and designs provided by Bernard Woods Interiors shall be approved by clients. If no comment on provided drawings or specifications is made, this will be deemed as being approved. - Payment of Invoiced amount deems you have accepted Bernard Woods Interiors terms and conditions in full.
2. BY employing Bernard Woods Interiors it is generally understood that decisions will be made on your behalf (The Clients).
3. ANY prospective, speculative or competition work, Undertaken by you, and instructed to be completed by us, will be charged for by Bernard Woods Interiors.
4. ANY cancelled meeting or re-arranged dates etc.. will be charged for. We will need a minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation, or re-arrangement of venue. These charges will be in the form of an hourly rate, retaliative to the journey.
5. ALL telephone, internet, or physical research undertake by Bernard Woods Interiors will have a cost implication, this again will be invoiced on a hourly rate basis.
6. LATE payments of invoices will incur a penalty, This will be in the form of £100 per month, starting at the beginning of the following month, until the outstanding amount has been cleared. - This will show on statements as a separate amount.
7. IT is the clients responsibility to inform Bernard Woods Interior in writing, any change in circumstances or finishes, Failure to do this, will incur ongoing charges.