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Any Complaints or Worries should be directed to the Interior Designer direct.
Any non discussed complaints by either the client / contractor / manager or outside party will be their responsibility.
Should there be a problem or worry of the contractor & or client, this should be discussed in person direct to the designer.
Any changes will be the responsibility of the contractor or sub contractor, If no discussion with the Designer takes place this will be at the cost of the contractor, including putting right any mistakes made by his team.
All Instructions from the Interior Designer and All other professions MUST co-ordinate with our produced Design Instruction. (This is Vital as can affect the final finishes and furniture.etc.)


NO work should be undertaken by contractor unless the complaint or worry is deemed urgent or dangerous. The Contractor will be responsible for any costs, time delays or changes on works carried out without this.

We are NOT responsible for poor delivery or service of recommended or nominated companies...