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These are general identification letters we use on a new projects/drawings/specifications:

A. = Artwork or mirrors (generally wall hanging) (oval)
B. = Bathroom Sanitary ware (oval)
C. = Casegoods or item of loose furniture (oval)
D. = Decorative or finishes (circle)
E. = Elevations
F. = Flooring or carpets (oval)
G. = Garden / exterior (oval)
H. = Hardware, handles, sockets etc. (oval)
I. = Invoices
J. = Joinery or built-in items/details (hexagonal)
K. = Kitchen or Kitchen equipment (hexagonal)
L. = Lighting, fixed or free standing (triangle)
M.= Metalwork (hexagonal)
P. = Plan

An item identified on a plan would be for example:. A Sofa...= C12 (Casegood 12 th item in that space)