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These are 7 general questions that we require before work can start with a new project or client:.
1. WE will need a 'Project' address, This information will appear on most of our correspondence. (We are able to 'Hide' this information in sensitive situations if this is required by the client.)
2. OUR Quotations/Fee's are set out on the service required. Furniture design / Interior Design. We generally do not provide other services. This is to be arranged by the client.
3. WE will need in the information, From when we are to be engaged on the the project, with an UNTIL/COMPLETION date.
4. A NAMED point of contact, plus telephone number will be required. This is the Person we will report to.
5. EXISTING plans or Drawings will be required, These should be supplied by the 'Client' to the 'Designer'.
6. IT is always easier to talk about overall budget first, As this gives a good idea of Bernard Woods Interiors involvement.
7. WE are able to provide schedules of our Interiors, Can you please advise if you wish for us to complete the purchasing of your interior, or just provide specifications for yourself to obtain furniture etc.