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These are general rules that Bernard Woods provides a fee or quotation.

1. WE need to be aware of who we are reporting to, The Client must provide one point of responsibility.
2. OUR Quotations/Fee's are set out on the service required. Furniture design / Interior Design. We do not provide other services. This is to be arranged by the client.
3. WE require a project address. - Where the work are to be carried out.
4. WE will state in the quotations/fee structure, From when we are engaged on the the project, with an UNTIL date. (agreed Hours).. Any overruns or ongoing work WILL be charged for separately. - Including Delays in starting the project, due to outside influences.
5. ANY cancelled or aborted start in the project will be charged for. We will need a minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation,
6. ALL telephone, internet, or physical research undertake by Bernard Woods Interiors will have a cost implication, this again will be invoiced on a hourly rate basis.
7. WE will invoice on a monthly basis, (Deposit will be required prior to any work starting.) A strict 30 day credit will be allowed, Late payments of invoices will incur a penalty, This will be in the form of £100 per month, starting at the beginning of the following month, until the outstanding amount has been cleared. - This will show on statements as a separate amount.We generally exclude any out of pocket expenses. - These will be charged at a reasonable rate, We do not supply receipts for these journeys. And will always take the most economic route for the tasks required.