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All members of the project team must be aware of the Simple Rules...

1. ALL drawings and designs provided by the sub-contractors shall be approved by Bernard Woods Interiors. No work is to be started without full workshop drawings being approved.
2. NO work is to continue without an approved sample provided by the contractors or Sub-contractors. Checked against the original specification.
3. ALL finishes must be completely understood by the contractors and sub-contractors. Prior to any work being undertaken. The Finish choice (colour and material) is the responsibility of the client. They must be aware of all, and must check before final finishing. IMPORTANT.: No comment from client, will be accepted as approved.!
4. THE contractor must ensure all materials are available to meet delivery time scales. All materials must be ordered in plenty of time.
5. A SITE measure / check measure must be undertaken by the contractors. It is their responsibility to ensure it fits.
6. ANY poor work can & will be rejected by Bernard Woods Interiors. The contractor is responsible for replacing this work. Including incorrect materials or finishes.
7. NO substitute material, product, or design will be permitted without Designers approval. Any changes must be reported, & approved before proceeding.