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A couple in the age bracket 55/70yr old.
Probably self made wealth, with an interest in Modern/Contemporary Art, Opera, A collection of
Expensive wine, And a large jewellery selection that would need to be contained.
The master of the house would almost certainly be a C.E.O. of a large organisation, And possibly
have Royal/Ministerial connection.
they will almost certainly have 4-5 other properties around the world. In cosmopolitan cities and
beach resorts. 1 x New York, 1 x South of France 1 x Bermuda/Barbados 1 x South Asia/South
They would have grown up children, and grand children.. And would stay in London for the
summer months.
Ideally, They would have 3 x maids, 2 x personal assistants, 2 x Butlers. 2 x drivers 1 x Chef 1 x
house assistant. - Most of these staff would be housed in another property locally. With 2/3 staff in constant residence.
There will be a minimum of 2 x large limousines needed at the property
They will entertain Friends and Family on a weekly basis. and have large group parties on a
monthly rota, including a garden party in the courtyard.