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All fabrics specified, will be identified on a full finishes and or furnishing schedule. Fabrics will sometimes also be referenced on detail drawings and or elevations. We usually specify using ‘information from a reference swatches or fabric supplier’s information. For example on drawings this will be displayed a shown:
1. Fabric from: Designer Guild
Ref:............. T141
Colour:......... Mink
Telephone:... 0207 222 3333

On smaller projects, fabric references may just be on the drawing only...

Generally, all fabrics used must be fit for purpose, and more importantly, Flame retardant.
When a large quantity of fabric is used, the workshop, contractor or manufacturer is responsible for the matching of batches, as there will be a difference in colours found during the dying process, this is not usually visible, however it needs to be managed.
This is also true of pattern matching, and again careful management of the product is required.
(On occasions where a product is being made a check sample of fabric will be requested from the workshop, contractor or manufacturer, This is to ensure there is no mix up in communication, prior to work starting)