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All Formal Meetings are to be recorded by Project Manager\Architect or Designer all on Headed paper, generally noted with action points and dates clearly stated.
All Actions must be completed by named individuals to ensure the continuation of the project.
Generally Minutes should be issued if possible by the next day (or within two days).
Minutes should be kept to the minimium amount of notes as required.
All Minutes should be set out as follows – Numbered and Dated, Subject - (numbered) / Description / Action - (by whom)

Mechanical: Action
2.01 M&E engineer to install new fan coil units to project KSL

General rules during meetings:
- All Phones are to be on silent, and calls not to be answered during meeting. (As this is Disruptive.)
- No Secondary conversations to take place. (As this is Disruptive.)
- Members are requested to not leave the meeting unless instructed to do so by the Chair.
- Conversations not conducted in the meeting or mentioned at the appropriate time will not be considered binding in the overall project.
- Requests for information / Design instructions (See separate description) should be listed / noted into minutes.